Shift Restaurant In Saskatoon

Located at Remai Modern museum of modern and contemporary art, Shift’s mission is to tell the stories of Canada’s past, present and future through inventive, regional cuisine.

Shift strives to create a connection between food and place through genuine, contemporary cooking rooted in Canada’s ever-evolving culture and flavours. The menu celebrates Canadian culture, while also highlighting familiar dishes of the Prairies.

Shift also aims to showcase our land, as well as our farmers and other producers, through the use of homegrown ingredients wherever possible. Strongly influenced by seasonal shifts, our chefs frequently change their menus to highlight the unique conditions and bounties each season brings.

Chef de Cuisine Ian Brown and Food & Beverage Director John Costanzi

For Chef de Cuisine Ian Brown and Food & Beverage Director John Costanzi, delicious food has always been at the forefront of their lives. From helping out with their parents’ dinner parties to their very first jobs in restaurant kitchens, they have always known they wanted to be a part of the vibrant hospitality industry. At Shift, Chef Ian and John work closely together to create menus that reflect the strong connection between food and place. Paying homage to Canadian cooking with an emphasis on authentic Prairies ingredients, they strive to execute confident yet down-to-earth dishes rooted in tradition. Whether it’s a hearty chicken pot pie or the crowd-favourite brown butter pierogis, John and Ian love bringing simple ingredients to life and giving each and every guest a memorable dining experience.

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Shift Restaurant

Remai Modern
102 Spadina Crescent E,
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 0L3
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